Leeupoort: Rooiberg Bewaria

ROOIBERG BEWARIA – The Waterberg Mountain Range is one of Limpopo`s major mountain ranges. The Waterberg Bewaria operates within the borders of the designated aerea, protecting and conserving a unique and delicate storehouse of biological diversity. Rooiberg Bewaria is an initiative of a group of private individuals in the Rooiberg District, 80 km west from Bela Bela nearby Leeupoort Holiday Town. The purpose of the non-profit organization is the protection and safekeeping of our fauna and flora, with a specific focus on the protection of our rhino population. The sustainability can only be achieved through the commitment of all the stakeholders, with no exception. Success will only be achieved if everyone gets on board, from national to local government, to local businesses, communities, and anyone living in the area. as well as visitors to the area.
The aim is to promote:
Environmental protection
Well-considered planning of land use
Fire protection
Maintenance of roads
Eco tourism
Social stability.