Birdwatching in Leeupoort

BIRDWATCHING – An estimate of 61 million birders was made in the late 1980s. Most birdwatchers will keep an eye on birds around them at all times but will make specific trips to observe birds elsewhere. Early mornings are typically better as the birds are more active and vocal making them easier to spot. more field guides. Hides or observation towers are often used to conceal the observers from birds.

Equipment commonly used for birding includes binoculars, a spotting scope with tripod, a notepad, and one or improve viewing conditions. Sound information can assist in the locating, watching, identification and sexing of birds. It is now possible to take a recording of every bird-call you are likely to encounter in a given area out into the field stored on a device that will slip into your pocket, and to retrieve calls for playback and comparison in any order you choose.

New technologies are allowing birdwatching activities to take place over the Internet, using robotic camera installations and mobile phones set up in remote wildlife areas. Some projects allow users to observe and photograph birds over the web; similarly, robotic cameras set up in largely inhospitable areas are being used to attempt the first photographs of the rare Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

As the numbers of birdwatchers increases, there is growing concern about the impact of bird watching on the birds and their habitat. Birdwatching etiquette is evolving in response to this concern. Some examples of birdwatching etiquette include promoting the welfare of birds and their environment; avoiding stressing the birds by limiting use of photography, luring and playback devices; keeping back from nests and nesting colonies; and respecting private property.

There are about 10,000 species of bird in the world and only a small number of people have seen more than 1000. There are about 170 species of birds in Leeupoort Nature Reserve.

Add bird seeds in your feeders filled with black-oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, and whole peanuts. Alternative foods such as suet, fruit, insects, and nectar, as well as water, may also attract additional species of birds. Do not feed bread to the birds.

Use the accommodation of the chalets at Leeupoort and enjoy the Bushfeld.

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